Effects of the U.S. Government Shutdown

The most recent U.S. government shutdown, which began on December 21st of 2018, was the longest government shutdown to date. The shutdown has been “paused” until February 15th to allow negotiations over the Southern border wall to continue.

As this deadline date approaches many are worried that no deal will be struck and that the shutdown would commence once again.

In essence, the shutdown really never ended. The recent bill passed by President Trump temporary opened the way to paying the 800,000 federal works who have been furloughed. As for employers who were contractors to federal agencies, there are no funds to be made available.

No Pay For Government Contractors

While federal employees may get back pay for the time lost, more than a million federal contract workers are not as fortunate. The bill made no accommodations for contractors to get back pay.

News reports state that many of these workers were forced to cash in their sick days to generate some income during the shutdown. Sadly, they could soon be out of work again.

With any luck, the government shutdown will end soon and allow everyone to return to work.

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