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Under federal and state law, it is unlawful for discriminatory behavior to adversely impact someone based on characteristics that could identify them as a member of a protected class. When you’ve been subjected to poor treatment at work that seems rooted in certain distinguishing traits, you might be a victim of discrimination.

At Kwall Barack Nadeau PLLC, we believe no employee or job applicant should endure unfair or illegal treatment from a company – especially not when such mistreatment is steeped in prejudice. When you reach out to us for help, we can work with you to:

  • Learn the details of your situation
  • Recover evidence
  • Formulate a creative strategy to help you get the best possible result from your claim

We can help when members of the following protected classes are discriminated against at work:

  • Age (40 and older)
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • National Origin
  • Marital Status
  • Genetic Information
  • Pregnancy

If you have been continually passed over for promotions, wrongfully terminated from a job, subjected to harassment, or not hired for a prejudicial reason, Kwall Barack Nadeau PLLC can help you work toward a fair resolution that may include monetary damages.

For more information about how our discrimination attorney in Clearwater can help, contact Kwall Barack Nadeau PLLC online or call us at (727) 202-5840!

Don’t Delay – File Today!

Before you can pursue legal action against your employer, you must first file discrimination complaints with both the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Florida Commission on Human Relations. From the date of the inciting discrimination incident, you have 300 days to file with the EEOC and 365 days to file with the FCHR.

Because this is a prerequisite before more discrimination claims can move forward, acting quickly is important. Getting assistance from a discrimination attorney in Clearwater to help you file these complaints can mean taking a step toward holding an employer accountable for discrimination.

Importantly, however, LGBTQ+ discrimination claims and any kind against an employer of fewer than 15 employees may require shorter deadlines under city or county ordinances. This makes reaching out to an attorney as soon as you’ve been wrong all the more critical to your chance of success.

When you need legal representation to help you with a discrimination claim, contact Kwall Barack Nadeau PLLC for help!

True Experts in Employment Law

We are one of the few firms in Pinellas County, Florida to have two attorneys to have been Board Certified Labor and Employment Law, the highest level of recognition by The Florida Bar.

Experiences From Our Clients Speak Volumes

  • “I was very pleased with the results I received from their representation.”

    - Billy S.
  • “I cannot say enough good things about the professionalism and efficiency at which Mr. Barack handled our case.”

    - Michael J.
  • “Michelle and the office staff was very friendly and I really appreciate all of your help with my case. Thank you!”

    - Rose T.
  • “I was fortunate to have selected this firm to represent me they were professional.”

    - Steven M.
  • “From the first meeting with him, I felt that he was very professional and personable and I am thankful that Mr. Barack and his team were on my side and listened to my concerns without prejudice.”

    - Susanne D.

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