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The Tampa Bay law firm of Kwall Barack Nadeau would like to share with you a few short stories regarding our successful start to the new year. We hope the start to your year has been even more successful than ours! Feel free to send us your feedback or stories in this regard. It seems we seldom hear of “good news” these days, so when we do it is comforting.

Funds For The Homeless Empowerment Program

As part of a settlement of a class action lawsuit, the employment law firm of Kwall Barack Nadeau and our co-counsel were able to direct more than $100,000 to the Homeless Empowerment Program.

The Homeless Empowerment Program (HEP), a nonprofit organization, is recognized as one of the largest and most comprehensive homeless shelters in Tampa Bay.

Our law firm was thrilled to be a part of being able to support this great organization.

New Pinellas County Courthouse Lactation Room

We were happy to help the Pinellas County Chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers set up a lactation room at the Pinellas County Courthouse. It can be challenging as a litigator and nursing mother to find the space to express breastmilk during a long hearing or trial. Kudos to PFAWL for taking the initiative to make it a bit easier for new moms to return to the practice of law.

PFAWL is devoted to actively promoting the advancement of women in the legal profession and furthering the common interests of its members by encouraging camaraderie and learning. PFAWL is committed to issues concerning our legal community, especially to challenges women encounter within it. PFAWL seeks to promote women’s opportunities and rights by enhancing the visibility of women within the legal profession and within communities by creating and maintaining supportive networks among women in the legal and other professions.


Success! Yesterday on their way back from their Taco Tuesday lunch, Michelle Nadeau and Ryan Barack found this little guy with no tags and no microchip walking on a busy street. However, using social media, and a touch of legal research, they were able to reunite him with his joyful and grateful family late yesterday afternoon.

This is a friendly reminder to please be sure that your pets have updated tags and that they are microchipped.

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