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If Your Claim Is Denied You Can Appeal.

If you received a notice/determination that your claim for unemployment benefits was denied and you believe you are entitled to benefits, you can appeal that decision. You need to ask for an appeal hearing within 20 days of the date of mailing of the notice. You can request an appeal on-line, via fax and via U.S. Mail. After an appeal is filed the state schedules a hearing. You will be mailed a Notice of Hearing telling you when the hearing will be held and how to participate by telephone.

You will be expected to present your evidence and testimony about why you are entitled to benefits to an appeal referee, who is a lawyer employed by the state. An audio recording of the hearing will be made by the referee. After the hearing is completed, the referee will issue a written decision which will be based only upon the evidence and testimony presented during the hearing.

A party who is dissatisfied with the decision may file a request for review with the Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission.

You May Be Able To Hire Us To Assist You With Your Appeal.

If your claim for unemployment benefits was denied you may be able to hire us to assist you in appealing. We have represented a number of employees in unemployment appeals and are very familiar with the process.  We cannot make any guarantees or promises about the outcome of any hearing or appeal.

If you want to hire us to assist you in appealing a notice/determination, you must first have an initial call with a member of our staff who will gather information from you and then schedule a 30-minute telephone consultation with a Board Certified Labor and Employment Attorney. The attorney will discuss your claim and explain the appeals process to you. There is a fee for this initial consultation about unemployment appeals.

If, after the initial consultation with the attorney, you decide you want our firm to represent you in the hearing before the appeal referee for an addition fees. 

These fees are substantially discounted off of our regular rates and are being offered as a courtesy and public service. No additional discounts of the rates will be provided. This special consultation is limited to matters associated with your unemployment appeal and the attorneys will not be able to discuss other issues that you might have with your employer.

If you are not successful in the hearing before the referee you can appeal the referees decision to the Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission. There is a separate fee for this second level appeal.

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