An Early Thanksgiving From Kwall Barack Nadeau PLLC

Our Tampa, Florida based employment law firm has had a very busy and productive year thus far. We wish to thank all of those who made this possible.

Around the final quarter each year we, as a firm, like to review 1) what we have accomplished, 2) where we presently are and 3) where we would like to be this time next year.

Growing By Giving Back

We have have spent a considerable amount of time performing this “operational audit” and see that we have an opening with regards to giving back to the public, which we serve. In this advanced social media age there is still a tremendous opportunity to engage with current and future clients. We will accomplish this through the regular publication of articles relating to executive pay compensation, non-compete agreements, class action lawsuits, qui tam litigation and contract disputes.

For the rest of this month, our employment law firm, will be focusing on the present job market. This market presently finds itself in an impressive level of growth. According to the Department of LaborUS employers are currently looking for nearly 7 million workers.

Education Sector Growth

Education itself is blossoming as a job category. The month of June has seen an increase of about 20,000 “educational services” job openings than the prior month. The Education job category finds itself wrestling with a changing landscape. Now spanning from early childhood to lifelong learning all the while competing in a global market. It is estimated that the global market for education has a potential to reach $10 Trillion by year 2030.

Stay Tuned

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Get In Touch

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